Youth Programs 2018/2019



The registration form below is for all Youth Programing at St. John's Temple including Sunday School/Junior Soldier Preparation/Ready to Serve, Nursery Program, Grow with me(baby play group), Junior Timbrels, Singing Company, Beginners Band, Junior Band, Youth Band, Youth Bible Study, Stampede (Junior Youth Group and Senior Youth Group. 

For those activities that are scheduled on Thursday evenings, registration is also provided below for a weekly Family supper at the Temple before activities begin. It is mandatory that an adult stay with your child/children during the supper meal. This is a great opportunity for our families to get together on a regular basis and build relationship. There will not be a fee for supper - but rather a donation box at the kitchen window. These will be very simple meals, with no pressure to be here for 5:30, this is simply the time the food will be ready. You can arrive anytime with your family, keeping in mind that Singing Company will be starting promptly at 6:15 as this is a musical year!!   We look forward to meeting you all and your children this fall!