Gifts for Tshelanyemba -A St. John’s Temple Project

Gifts for Tshelanyemba -A St. John’s Temple Project - A shipping container of supplies is now being prepared to assist our friends in the community of Tshelanyemba, Zimbabwe. There is a need for basic supplies for the children and youth of Tshelanyemba Corps and The Temple has decided to use this project in place of the “shoe box” gifts we collect each year. We will have an ingathering of your gifts on May 6th or you can place a gift in the container in the foyer. Please see list of supplies that are needed, which we ask you to bring in an environmental friendly bag. On behalf of our friends in Tshelanyemba, thank you for supporting this project. If you have any questions please call Ellen or Greg Peddle at 364-3639 or Janice Cooper at 728-1152.