Corps Retreat 2018

2018 Corps Retreat-(August 31-September 3) Save the Date!  This is a very important weekend for our Corps Family, and we believe it is so important that we want you to be there! We know the weekend can be very costly for families, so for this year, we are subsidizing every person 50% off the weekend.  For children 5 and under-there is no charge; and for those 6-106, the weekend will be $103.50!!!  Please consider this weekend early, so that we know how many to expect.  You may not think so yet, but this is a perfect way to spend Labor Day weekend!  Postcard invitations are being passed out today.  And registration deadline is August 15th.


Eddie and Genevera Vincent

Eddie and Genevera Vincent

Meet our guests!!

Lieut.-Colonels Eddie and Genevera Vincent trained to be Salvation Army officers at The Salvation Army College for Officer Training in St. John's, Newfoundland. They were commissioned as part of the "Proclaimers of The Gospel" session in June 1986.

Eddie entered Training College from Triton and upon commissioning was appointed to the St. John's Temple Corps as the Assistant Officer.

Genevera entered Training College from Monkstown and upon commissioning was appointed to the St. John's Citadel Corps as the assistant Officer.

On July 3rd, 1987 they were married. They have two grown sons, Stephen and Ryan, who both live in Calgary, Alberta.



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